About Me 

I am an oddball but I love that! 
I have a love of nature, texture and form. I love the feel of long grass running through my fingertips and the rush of wind on my face.
I am kinaesthetic so I learn by doing, by engaging with the objects around me and understanding what they need.
I am a strong believer in cause and effect - if you look after them, they will look after you.
I also like the colour yellow! 
Since I was young I have had a fascination with materials, making and playing with anything to hand. This continued throughout my education culminating in my BA in sculpture.
Within these three years my practice defined itself into working with process through material experimentation and iteration.
The first iteration set stemmed from a piece of packing foam which, one and a half years later, resembles nothing of its origins.
This method of working has allowed me to work with a range of materials characterising their properties and furthering my knowledge and experimental play.